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1. Customer Profile

Do you have a deep understanding of your customers? Here are a few of the questions we help you to answer with the customer profile:

  • What is the big problem your ideal customer needs help with?
  • One a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is almost life or death and 1 is not even really a problem, where is your ideal customer? 
  • What will be the negative outcome if your ideal custerom does not get help with this big problem? 
    • How much money could they lose?
    • What emotions will they feel? 
  • Can you describe in detail about your ideal customer:
    • Is your ideal customer the final decision maker?
    • Yearly income
    • Marital status
    • Lifestyle
    • Age
    • Do they have kids
    • What they do with their free time 
  • What is the end result your ideal customer wants?  
    • What emotions will they experience when you give them the end result?
    • How much money can they gain?
  • Typcially what is your ideal customer’s process for making the buying decision?What are some other soultions your ideal customer might try or have already tried? 
    • Why did you last 10 to 25 customers buy from you?
  • What are some other soultions your ideal customer might try or have already tried?
  • Is there anything or anyone that your ideals customer blams for thier big problem? 


2. Compelling Offer

Can you give your customers an offer they can’t refuse?

  • Think of a compelling offer like a super bowl commerical. What would you want to put in your super bowl commercial? 
  • What are the top reasons your ideal customer won’t buy from you and how do you overcome each one of them?
  • What is the end results you are offering?
  • What can you offer or do that the competiton cannot offer? 


3. Credibilty

We don’t beleive what we read on a website unless we know it is trust worthy. Do you have any of these on your website to establish credibility:

  • Reviews from external, trust worthy websites with an immediate recoginzable brand like Google, yelp or yahoo
  • A Better Business Bureau listing
  • Video testimonialsAn instant demonstration someone can do right now to see a results (This is one of the most powerful)
    • Written testominals are everywhere and we don’t beleive them because they are to easy to fake
  • An instant demonstration someone can do right now to see a results (This is one of the most powerful)
  • Any publications from a reputable thrid party soruce
  • A guarantee
  • Any accredations or educational certifications 

4. Conclusion

What are your predictions for best case, worst case and in the middle results? If you have multiple products then pick one that you think you are most likely to sell. Here are some of the numbers you need to know about your business:

  • How much revenue do you make per sale?
  • How much profit do you make per sale? 
  • What is the minimum dollar amount you need to stay in business per month?
    • How many sales is that per month?
  • What is your income goal per month?What are your current sales numbers? 
    • How many sales is that per month?
  • What are your current sales numbers?
  • What are additional services you up sell to your customers? 
  • What are you numbers for one month and three months from now:
    • Best case ___ out of 100 buy or ___%
    • Worse case ___ out of 100 buy or ___%
    • In the middle ___ out of 100 buy or ___%

5. Connect

Do you have a landing page to link the Customer Profile, the Compelling Offer and establish Credibilty? The landing page is what actually convinces someone to buy or contact you. These are quesitons you should be able to answer about your landing page:

  • Who is your landing page for? If you answer starts with “Anyone” or “Everyone” looking for _______ then you are not targeting a specific person and you will lose money by trying to sell a product or service to “Everyone”. 
  • If your landing page were your super bowl commercial would you be happy with it? 
  • What is your 4 second impression?
    • Can someone clearly identify your Compelling Offer in 4 seconds?
  • What is your 15 second impression?
    • Can someone clearly indentify who you are, what your Compelling offer is and how it will benifit them in 15 seconds
  • How are you emotionally connecting with your customer? 
  • How are you fincinally impacting with your customer?
  • How are you connecting with your customer to show you can make their life easier?

6. Compare

Have multiple Compelling offers to test out to see the response of your ideal customer though split testing or A / B testing.


7. Collect

Track your results and look at what your ideal customers are doing on your website. This is the minimum tracking you should have in place:

  • Google conversion counter (should take about 10 to 20 minutes to implement)
  • Google Analytics (should take about 20 to 30 minutes to implement)
  • Goals in Google Analytics 
  • Split testing (A / B testing) with at least two or three differnet offers at ALL times 


8. Communicate

Put your offer on Google Adwords and start advertising.