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  1. Increase quality leads through Google AdWords advertising
  2. Decrease ad spending
  3. Decrease CPA, or Cost Per Action


  • Monthly leads to the site increased from 30 to 66 in just 6 weeks (a 120% increase).
  • 30 day spending decreased $31,469.49
  • February Cost Per Action (CPA) originally $1,284 and after 6 weeks decreased to $107

How We Did It

  • Identify Audience – Adficient helped identify the targeted audience which resulted in more targeted clicks. Wasted clicks diminished, resulting in higher quality conversions coming into the site.
  • Refined Ads – The ads running on directsurety.com’s PPC campaign were optimized to entice proper users to click to the site. New ads helped increase the quality of clicks along with increase the conversions to the site.
  • Increased Revenue – With the number of quality leads increasing 18% and spending decreasing $62,000 revenue to the site say a big increase. With this implementation quarterly earnings are on pace to save nearly $750,000 over the next 12 months.