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Note: The following data is collected from the time period of July 2016 compared with the traffic of July 2015.

Traffic Before: 7,439 (30 days)

Traffic After: 20,814 (30 days)

Improvement: 179.8% increase


How it impacted business: On average 10% of visitors that come to the site end up signing up and depositing money into an account. This is what BingoMania considers a conversion. This means there was an increase from 744 conversions in 2015 to nearly 2,081.


Ranking an online gambling site comes with many different headaches. Getting good, high-quality links to a site like this is difficult, which results in sites doing anything possible to add new links. This can result in many poor links being added. Too many poor links can result in a suspension by Google or other search engines.


Although this particular site was not suspended by Google, it was being penalized which resulted in lost rankings. Over the years thousands of links were being created pointing to the site. Some of these links being good, some being harmful, which meant the Adficient team needed to determine which links were harmful.

What Was Done

Our SEO team pulled a list of domains linking to the site and began reviewing each link. This is a process that can take quite a bit of time depending on the link profile of a site. After reviewing the link list we create another list of potentially hazardous links, this is determined by a number of different factors.

Once the poor links list is ready our team must begin removing the bad links. This is done internally and takes approximately 30 days. It is very important to be thorough through this process, the next step involves contacting Google, who require a proactive approach on your part.

Now that many of the poor links were removed it’s time to create our disavow list that will be submitted to Google. The Adficient team has years of experience creating these types of lists and have gotten the process down.

Following the disavow list submission it’s time to begin building new and powerful links. We created new content pieces that were aimed at bringing in new backlinks. It’s important to make sure the links we are creating are high quality and won’t come back to hurt us. We practice quality over quantity. The graph below shows the increase in referring domains to the site.



Removing and disavowing links doesn’t mean search engines will automatically begin ranking your site better. You’ll need to add additional links, keep posting new content, and make sure site fixes are maintained.

Over a year period (July 2015 – July 2016) the site managed to increase its rankings by a total of 1,135 in Google and 1,372 through Bing. We tracked 71 keywords, which is an average position increase of 15.9 by each keyword.


Now, many terms were ranking well, but had lost rankings prior to our link review. Over this time period we noticed many terms on page one begin to gain rankings and move up the search results. For additional information on page 1 ranking increases view an additional case study.

First Page Rankings Results

When the Adficient SEO team began working with BingoMania to increase organic rankings and traffic to the site, BingoMania had a list of poor back links. Through Get Back on Google, www.getbackongoogle.com, BingoMania reached out to the Adficient team and its proprietary work to lessen Google’s penalties.

After the SEO team analyzed all the links pointing to BingoMania, the team reviewed the results with the BingoMania management team and got to work.

Following the poor link removal Adficient began building a custom SEO campaign for the site and agreed with the BingoMania team on which keyword terms to focus. Because the site was experiencing a drop in traffic from the links, the first few months was spent in maintenance mode, re-establishing BingoMania;s search engine reputation. Next, Adficient quickly began implementing the processes required to boost search engine rankings. This portion of the work is tedious, takes hours of detailed work. The chart below is the reward for all of that hard work.


Soon BingoMania began seeing the results listed in the table above. Similar to how much more difficult it is to move from 6th to 1st than it is to move from 25th to 19th place in a race so is single digit movement on Google. Nonetheless, the Adficient PPC team came through and in the 4 focused searches move its client up a total of 26 slots.