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Note: The following data is collected compares traffic from Jan 10-16, 2016 to July 10-16, 2016.

Traffic Before: 2,716 sessions over a 6 day period.

Traffic After: 5,239 sessions over a 6 day period.

Improvement:92.89% increase in organic traffic.

How it impacted business: The increase of organic traffic resulted in the conversation rate increasing by 17.51%, the transactions increasing by 126.67%, and revenue increasing 198.47%. (Date comparison is from Jan 10-16, 2016 to July 10-16, 2016)


After comparing the competition’s back links to Ice Machine Plus’ we determined we would need to more than double the number of links to the site. Not only would new, relevant, high-quality links need to be created, old, poor links would need to be removed.

What Was Done

First our SEO team needed to review the back link profile of Ice Machine Plus and find potentially hazardous links. To do this we must review each and every link that goes to the site. Our team reviews the links, evaluates the domain, reviews the page where the link resides, etc.

Now once a list of poor links are created it was time to remove these poor links. This is done by contacting the sites and asking the link to be removed. If the link is not removed, it’s time to add it to a disavow list.

Next new, quality links needed to be created pointing back to the site.


Our link removal process and disavow began in Jan. 2016 and ended in Feb. Link building continued throughout this period and until July. This resulted in organic traffic seeing a continued climb and increase.


To depict the traffic change we compared seven days in July against 7 days in January.


The graph shows a large increase in visitors, but how many more? There was a 92.89% increase in sessions, jumping from 2,716 in January to 5,239 in July.


Why the increase? As mentioned above, remove bad links and add new links was the overall approach. Although there was much more in play with our campaign, this was a major reason of the success. So how does the back link profile look? According to Ahrefs on January 1st 2016 there were 295 referring domains to IceMachinesPlus. Today there are 429 referring domains pointing to the site.