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Note: The following data is gathered from July 21st to August 14th, 2016 and is compared to the previous 25 days (June 25th to July 20th, 2016).

Traffic Before: 696 visitors over a 25 day period

Traffic After: 1,086 visitors over the following 25 days

Improvement: 56.03% increase in visitors

How it impacted business: An additional 390 visitors each month means an additional 8 conversions at the average 2% conversion rate. Currently the improvement is at 56%, but with the rate of improvement we expect to see the number of visitors to continue to increase from mobile. This will ultimately bring in additional conversions from mobile searches.

Previously we shared an article on understanding Google accelerated mobile pages, now we want to share some of our own results. The Adficient website recently went down the AMP road, knowing we needed to jump on the opportunity to get our site AMP ready.

Many digital marketers understand the importance of reaching mobile users. There is much more than just making your site mobile friendly, we knew we needed to reach mobile users through search. Being on a WordPress platform we simply integrated the AMP plugin to our website. Now of course providing AMP with updated content that is compelling is a very important part of the process.

Immediately the Adficient website began seeing an increase in mobile traffic. We compared all mobile traffic from July 21st, when AMP was implemented, to Aug 14th. Now we compared it to the previous period of the same amount of days. The Adficient website had gained 56.03% more mobile traffic in this short time period. The number of new users that came to the site through this time period increased 55.38%.


If you are wondering how you can increase your mobile traffic, we consider integrating your site over to AMP. If your technical team cannot handle the task contact Adficient and let us help you out. Don’t miss out on potential mobile traffic.