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icemachines-plus-numbers2Revenue Improvement: 36.97% or 3.7 million
Revenue Before: $9,950,359.33
Revenue After: $13,628,738.22

Transaction Improvement: 23.26%
Transactions Before: 4,806
Transactions After: 5,924

How it impacted business: With an increase in transactions by 23.26% the result was an increase in revenue of 36.97%. In other words the increase in revenue went from $9,950,359.33 to $13,628,738.22


After reviewing the account of Ice Machines Plus our team found many users were landing on the site, looking at products, but not making a purchase. Items found on the site can be highly priced given the industry which makes buyers review items many times before clicking buy. Our team needed to determine how to get those customers to re-visit the site and go through the buying process.

What Was Done

icemachinespluslogoWe overhauled the way Ice Machines Plus was targeting their customers. By evaluating the user profile, we uncovered that repeat visitors to the site were the key to growth as they up to 200% more likely to make a purchase.

By creating an in-depth retargeting and custom audience bidding schedule which was aimed to aggressively target users further down the buying funnel. This would let previous visitors see items they had once viewed on the Ice Machines Plus’ website, reminding them of the product.

Looking into both the site’s analytics and keyword research within AdWords we found an intriguing metric. The industry of commercial ice machines is very seasonal. Enhancing bids, such as multiplied Max CPC’s, in extended periods of warm weather greatly increased sales.



Previously 1 Year Later Percentage Increase
$9,950,359.33 $13,628,738.22 36.97%

E-Commerce Conversion Rate

Previously 1 Year Later Percentage Increase
1.05% 1.18% 12.32%


Previously 1 Year Later Percentage Increase
4,806 5,924 23.26%

Average Order Value

Previously 1 Year Later Percentage Increase
$2,070.40 $2,300.60 11.12%


Note: The following data was taken from August 1st, 2015 to Aug 31st, 2016 and compared to June 30th, 2014 to July 31st, 2015.