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 Guarantee to Get Back On Google

Have you been slapped by Google?  There are people who can do something for you for a fee, with a guarantee to get back on Google.

You might have come across a lot of tips already on how to make slap-friendly landing pages, and you followed them alright.  You even made sure that you followed Google’s editorial guidelines to be AdWords compliant.  However, it seems that before Google’s eyes, you still deserve the slap!

If you have heard of similar stories in the past, especially during 2008 when a lot of advertisers got slapped and banned, it can be futile to argue and press on with Google that your site or landing page is AdWords compliant.  Instead of defending your case, it is better that you look closely at your site or landing page and check what made Google strike your account.

For some unfortunate PPC advertisers, getting kicked off and banned from AdWords have caused great losses.  Some easily gave up, without knowing that there is actually hope and there are those who can guarantee to get back on Goolge using some proven strategies.

Strategies Which Guarantee To Get Back On Google

It is necessary that before one jumps on finding out what makes one get back on Google, some step by step strategies have to be followed to beat the Google Slap.  It can even happen to get a banned account back to advertise once more by recovering a good standing.

Some strategies bring the promise of not having to set up new account with different names and credit card numbers.  There are even those who try to recommend some black-hat methods of getting back on Google.  Things you need to avoid include strategies which try to trick or manipulate Google’s system.  Be very wary, as you will risk your landing page to suffer more slaps, or even get totally banned.

The better suggestions I encountered so far which guarantee to get back on Google include using a different domain name and creating a new AdWords account.  Some would suggest using a different credit card, as Google can easily track verification information of banned account holders using their IP address, name or credit card number.

It can be such a pain to have to go through these things in order for you to get back on Google when you’re slapped without knowing why.  It is therefore important that you get to know the reasons why you got slapped, as this will help you identify what solution suits your case best.

Getting Services That Guarantee To Get Back On Google

Some AdWords account holders simply give up and leave the responsibility of recovering from a bad slap from experts who guarantee to get back on Google.  It’s not about whether or not your problem can be solved by these people.  It’s about who to trust among them, as you will definitely have to pay their services to get your account running again in no time.

Trust that there are really those who can help you recover from a Google Slap.  However, make sure that you avoid getting ripped off by being smarter in dealing with them.  Never make the mistake of paying for anything without any guarantee from their end.  The first people who offered their services to fix my case had a moneyback guarantee which was good enough for me.  These days, there are those who will not ask any dollar from you and will guarantee to get you back on Google before you need to pay them.  Whatever suits you is what works best.