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HVAC Heating and Cooling Facebook Internet Marketing and Your Business

When social media is mentioned, Facebook is one of the first names that come to mind. Many people think of Facebook as a site just for creating a business page and getting likes to it. In the process free giveaways, advertising, just plain spamming is used to try and boost your likes or fans. So when using Facebook for marketing is mentioned, it is no wonder some people cringe. Here at Adficient, we are not fans of spamming and if we can’t create a ROI, it is not really worth doing. That being said, let’s take a look at how you can effectively market your heating and cooling business on Facebook. To get started, let’s look at what not to do on Facebook.

5 Ways to Fail with Facebook Advertising

  1. Only make promotional posts and repost them everywhere
  2. Spend your time blasting out one way messages without interacting
  3. Failure to optimize your Facebook Fan Page
  4. Forgetting to post regularly
  5. Sharing way too many posts.

Now that we have gotten those common mistakes out of the way, let’s look a little closer at how you can use Facebook to effectively marketing your heating and cooling business.

Social Interaction – Facebook is called social media for a reason, if you are not trying to be social with your followers, then you are not using Facebook correctly. While you may not have a lot of likes from people who want to talk shop about a/c repair, you probably have a ton of people who would share your message for a prize or discounts. If offering 10% off on repairs gets your business exposed to a few hundred potential clients, it was well worth it. Once you share your message though, you need think of a way to draw more people in; why not share a few DIY maintenance tips but make them like your page to see them?

Fan Page Optimization – Just like a website, you have to optimize your Facebook fan page if you intend to use it as part of your sales funnel. When someone lands on the Facebook page for your heating and cooling business, are they met with a call to action? Do the tabs on your page offer clear actions that can be taken? At a glance, will I find your contact information? Unless you are a skilled graphic and web designer, I suggest enlisting the help of a professional page designer, done correctly, it will pay for itself.

Paid Advertising – Some of you just may not be interested in using Facebook in the traditional since, or maybe you are looking to boost your followers through advertising. Either way, Facebook internet marketing can be a valuable tool for your HVAC, heating and cooling company.  Below let’s break down the two primary goals of paid advertising with Facebook.

  1. Growing Your Facebook Following – This is one of the first things that comes to mind when many people think of Facebook internet marketing. When you setup your ad campaign, you will be given the choice to focus on impressions or actions. Getting people to “like” you page is one of the options you can target, so you are essentially paying for Facebook likes to your page.
  2. Advertising Your Website on Facebook – This method is what you think of when the traditional pay per click marketing method is brought up. Facebook will allow you to advertise directly to a geo-targeted audience, sending them straight to your website. This can be especially influential since you can show people friends of theirs that already like your page or business. This is known as social proof, a key online sales booster.

Just like with any advertising medium, prior to getting started, you need to define clear goals for your campaign. You then need to establish a budget to support those goals. Once you have setup your advertising campaign, you must test, re-test, and test again until you find the perfect combination for advertising your HVAC, heating, and cooling business through Facebook Interned Marketing.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with all the options, contact us to take advantage of a 15 day free trial of our fully managed pay per click marketing services.