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The HVAC, heating, and cooling industry is among the list of essential services that both businesses and consumers need. Just like roofers, electricians, and carpenters, your business builds the infrastructure of most buildings. When heating and cooling companies are planning their online marketing strategies, one of the areas that most omit is LinkedIn internet marketing.

Why Use LinkedIn Internet Marketing?

In case you are not familiar, LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows companies and professionals to share information and develop relationships through a social media platform. LinkedIn’s claim to fame is that it allows you to reach the decision makers at key organizations, allowing you to introduce yourself or your products to the right audience quickly and easily.

How Can You Market on LinkedIn?

Marketing on LinkedIn can be done in two primary ways, paid advertising and social interaction. While LinkedIn is built on the principle of connect like-minded professionals, you must be willing to submit a fair amount of your time to building relationships or you can hire a company to do it for you. As the owner of a HVAC, heating, and cooling company, you may not think that this advertising medium is for you, but everyone needs heat, so think again.

Much like search engine optimization, building relationships with other business owners of LinkedIn takes time to work. Some of you need leads and customers now, yesterday, or last week. This means you do not really have time to wait. If you find yourself in this position, then paid advertising is for you. It will allow you to speed up time and get to the right people fast.

Setting Up Paid LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns for Your HVAC/Heating/Cooling Company

LinkedIn offers a paid advertising platform that they boast reaches over 1.3 million small business owners and 235 million plus members. Obviously, all of these business owners will not be in your HVAC, heating, and cooling service area, the potential to find hundreds or thousands of potential clients is there.

If you have ever used any other method of pay per click advertising, then the LinkedIn advertising interface will look pretty familiar to you. You can create simple ads; add images, and even selecting the shape of your ad display. You will also find several options available for targeting your ads. These include location, gender, age, and several more options. As with platforms like Google Adwords, you are also able to setup your daily spending limit, starting as low as $10 per day.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Ad Spend

I would hate to sound like a critic, but setting up your paid advertising campaign is only half the battle. When you setup your ads, you are given two choices; you can link the ad to a LinkedIn page or a website. Most of you in the HVAC, heating and cooling industry have a website of some sort; but have you ever stopped to consider how well it converts? When you setup a Google Adwords campaign, you need to optimize the landing page to increase the ad score and more importantly, the conversion rate. The same is true for your LinkedIn advertising; instead of paying for more view, why not improve the conversion rate of your current traffic? While we cannot cover all the details of website conversion optimization here, below are just a few questions you can ask yourself to get started.

Converting Traffic Into Customers

  • When someone lands on your website, can they tell right away what service(s) you are offering?
  • Do you show them viewer what makes your service unique or better than the competition?
  • Is there social proof that your services are good?
  • Do you have elements that establish trust? Customer testimonials?
  • Can the customer easily navigate your website?
  • Is your location and contact information easy to locate?

While you are not going to find a lot of articles that tell you to boost your conversion rate first, here at Adficient, we are dedicated to your success. We are so confident that we can boost your conversion rate 25% that if we fail to do so, you don’t pay. Our unique guarantee means that you will see a greater return on your investment and that our services will pay for themselves.

In addition to our conversion optimization guarantee, you can also try our services for 15 days free of charge, if you aren’t completely satisfied with what we have done for your business, you don’t owe us a penny. When you are ready to advertise your HVAC, heating and cooling business using LinkedIn, or any other pay per click platform, we are here to help, contact us today to learn more.