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Do All The Customers That Visit Your Site Purchase From You? Pay Per Click Advertising is nearly useless without a good landing page. Our landing page development focuses on converting more of your existing visitors into sales. This increases your sales, not your costs. View existing pages we have created here.

Learn how AdFicient targeting and landing page design will
improve your Return On Investment, and increase your revenue.

  • Test Your Landing Page Performance
  • Target Your Customer
  • Improve Your Landing Page Relevance
  • Enhance Your Potential Customers Experience
  • Increase Your Cost Per Conversion
  • Maximize Your Return On Investment

We Create The Landing Page For You

This Is Not A Software Or Program

Landing Page Creation Process

  • The Competition – Look at the competitors landing pages to find out what are their strengths and weaknesses compared to your landing page. Also look at how the page is laid out and how effective it is in getting their message across in three to five seconds.
  • Your Message – What is the message you want people to get from your landing page? After they look at your site what do you want them know? You have about eight seconds to do it, so you better get to the point and quick. You can pick one message you want to convey to your visitors.
  • The Right Way to Pick Your Message – We will make a list of the most important things about your products and services you want someone to get and put them in order. This is the question we will ask you during this process: If someone were only to know one thing about your business, what would you want it to be? What services do you offer will give the greatest benefit to the person coming to your website. Once we have them in order then we will start designing your landing page.
  • What Do You Want Your Visitor to Do? – What is the action you want someone to take after coming to your landing page? We will create reason for the person on your landing page to take those actions (buying a product or signing up for something). We will help create emotional and logical reasons why they need to take the desired action and make your customer happy for doing so.
  • Starting the Design Process – The landing page should be similar to a magazine cover or a newspaper cover with a few pictures, a strong headline and a little info to entice the visitor to want to see more. If a magazine or newspaper does not have a good cover many people will just walk right by and not even notice it and they is why they put pictures and bold statements designed to get and keep your attention.
  • The Layout of the Landing Page – When designing the layout of your landing page you want three to five different section, with each section used to convey a message about your products and services. We will create a BOLD statement to get attention and a brief amount of text to follow up the bold statement and a picture can be added if it help convey the message. Here are a few examples of bold statements to use: “What you need to know about ….”, “Let us show you how we can ….”. Here are some keywords are will grab attention: money, secret, discover, emergency, and sex.
  • Testing Results – We will split test different variations, including colors, different call to action statements, different pictures and different layouts to see which one give you the highest ROI.The best results come with time and testing.

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