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Over 100% increase in leads
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Over 400% increase in leads
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283.50% increase in time on site
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26.65% increase in conversions
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  • Increase lead conversion rates


  • Over a 100% improvement in lead conversion rates
  • Increased the amount of personal information collected for each lead

How We Did It: Our biggest hurdle was figuring out how to make the users feel comfortable enough to give their personal information for a loan application.

  • Localizing each landing page for the specific city it was advertising in
  • Prominently showing the clients positive reviews
  • Assuring customers that there was no credit card necessary
  • Using a status bar to indicate the length of the form

Smoky Mountain Auto Detailing


  • Update website
  • Increase leads


  • Gained an additional 60 leads per month which is over a 400% improvement!
  • Updated the website to match the company image

How We Did It: Smoky Mountain had a website that was built by Yellow Pages that didn't quite capture thier image and wasn't converting well so we had to make some changes.

  • Highlighted their individual services
  • Brought attention to their 'free pickup' service
  • Showcased their amazing reviews and testimonials



  • Increase user engagement
  • Make the site easy to use
  • Help to drive more traffic to events


  • Increased average pages per visit from 2.5 to over 4.5
  • Improved engagement of videos and content

How We Did It: TEDxGatewayArch is focused on engaging their users and driving them to local events in St Louis.

  • Made events easy to see
  • Added social functions that were engaging
  • Showcased TED videos to engage the users

PureHill Garcinia Cambogia Extract


  • Increase conversions
  • Lower CPA


  • Increased conversions by 26.65% in only 10 days
  • 66.12% increase in visitors adding products to cart

How We Did It: The client needed help increasing their conversion rates without raising their CPA. So we took the challenge and did the following to meet and exceed goals.

  • Split test 4 different landing pages
  • Added a prominent "Buy Now" button in the header
  • Optimized the mobile view to display better

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