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35 aug. 08

Chris Hickman

Co-Founder & President

Chris got his start in advertising during college when Google AdWords first started. Seeing an opportunity, he began learning everything he could about Adwords and pay per click advertising, and eventually he expanded his client base around the world. At that time many similar agencies were popping up — but they all lacked aspects of personal client involvement. In 2008, Chris joined forces with partner Tyler to create a more client-oriented pay per click agency which is now AdFicient. As the president of Adficient Chris is constantly searching for ways to grow his own business by helping his clients’ businesses grow. An avid public speaker and former president of the St. Louis Toastmasters club, Chris enjoys meeting new people and sharing business ideas. Also a bit of a thrill-seeker, he loves sky-diving, jiu jitsu and roller coasters. 



Tyler Thomas

Co-Founder & Operations Manager

Ever since starting his first business in 2007, Tyler knew he wanted to have the freedom to think creatively and pursue ideas that just weren’t possible in the corporate world. Tyler met Chris Hickman during a project he was pursuing in 2008 and they joined forces. Out of Chris’ existing agency and Tylers’ creativity they set out to create a new kind of advertising agency and AdFicient was born. Since then AdFicient has been developing unique and innovative tools in online marketing including the funnel system, the TAG process and a more client-oreiented, personal approach. When not working with clients Tyler is a dog-lover, rock climber, snowboarder and an organizer for their local TEDx branch in St Louis, Missouri.


 33 aug. 08

Jeremy Epperson

Business Outreach Director

Right out of college, where he majored in business finance, Jeremy was delving into small business ownership. He moved to Detroit in 2007 to start his first business, but found that ultimately it wasn’t what he was passionate about. He was bought out by a partner and moved back to St. Louis to pursue other options, including a career in professional speaking and business training. He joined Adficient in 2010, contributing his abilities as a speaker and businessman to outreach efforts and building the agency’s client base. He has a knack for helping clients’ businesses realize potentials and address weaknesses. No wonder he’s an avid mountaineer and marathon runner. 


 36 aug. 08

Haris Bacic

Web Design and SEO Project Manager

Haris studied web design and development in college, starting his own web design firm serving clients in St. Louis. While this was a great success, he sought new challenges. He joined Adficient as the head of web development and SEO, and immediately made a name for himself for his creativity and ability to develop beautiful websites from scratch. When not designing, Haris loves traveling and meeting new people.