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We have three options for you to choose from for PPC management. The pricing is at the bottom of the page.

  1. Full-Service PPC Management – We do it all for you
  2. PPC Express Management – We give you our recommendations and suggestions
  3. Gardian Angel Service – Only for Adwords compliance 


Full-Service PPC Management – We do it all for you

This is for Clients who want us to be actively Hands-On in their AdWords account on a daily, on-going basis. We will build out Campaigns, do keyword research, competitive analysis and constantly monitor everything from impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, conversions, and tracking to make sure everything stays within your budget.

We are working daily applying our advanced strategies for optimizing your ads, making any necessary changes, finding new keywords and content sites on the AdWords network for getting more traffic, cutting out the keywords and sites that aren’t converting.

In addition, we also provide a unique service to help you optimize your website’s overall conversion and performance and do split testing.  As needed, our Agency will consult with you on Landing Page and Site Quality improvements to help improve your user’s website experience and website quality score matrixes.

We give day to day, hands-on management of your account.  This way we can save you time and you only have to focus on what you do best.

And finally, our Full Service PPC Management Service includes our extremely important Guardian Angel Service. If a violation occurs in your Google AdWords Account, or on your website, we will consult with Google AdWords on your behalf to identify the issues and obtain information necessary so you can correct the issues.

We’ll be available for you in case any compliance issues arise and you need any advice on how to fix any compliance problems… or if you need us to contact Google directly… we’ll be available to do that for you to make sure you can continue to advertise long-term with a consistent flow of traffic.

If you want to test a new ad or a different Landing Page or a new Offer, we will consult with Google AdWords on your behalf to see if they are in Compliance ahead of time to avoid any issues later on.

There are no long term commitments. We want to be sure that our Clients are satisfied with our Services and that it is a win-win relationship for both of us.


PPC Express Management – We give you our recommendations and suggestions

This service is for clients who want to be very “Hands On” themselves, or who already have their own pay-per-click manager(s), but still want to take advantage our pay-per-click expertise as a Google AdWords Partner Agency who manages $ millions of dollars annually for our Clients and of course to also take advantage of our important “Guardian Angel Service”.

We will consult with you or your PPC manager to optimize your account on a daily, weekly or as needed basis, using the skills and management techniques learned over the years from Google as one of their top Agencies, managing millions of dollars annually for Clients in many different industries and business models, as well as from managing our own Advertising on Adwords for several years in order to help you meet your strategic goals.

We’ll give you our recommendations and suggestions of things you can do to optimize your account and your website to cut-out the waste, increase your CTR, give you lower CPC, higher conversions, and potential areas we see to increase your traffic flow.

The main difference between Full Service PPC Management and PPC Express is, you will get our recommendations and suggestions, but we will not be the ones making any of the changes in the Account performance report for you. You will be responsible to make the changes necessary to optimize your account.

Our Full Service PPC Management and our PPC Express Services are month to month, and as mentioned above, they both include the Guardian Angel Service.

If you have been suspended from Google AdWords or if your Website has been suspended, this is a key part of our PPC Management Service, because once you get back on Google again, as a previously suspended Advertiser, you may be considered a “High Risk” advertiser by Google, and it is extremely important that you develop a good history with your AdWords Advertising going forward so you can stay on for the long term.


Gardian Angel Service – Only for Adwords compliance 

Guardian Angel Service is just like it sounds.  (Guardian Angle Service is our compliance consulting service designed to help you keep your advertising in compliance to help prevent future violations.  This service entitles the client to have their website changes, ads, and new offers reviewed prior to going live and edited for AdWords Compliance.  Also, if the client has any advertising violations that need correcting, we will assist in helping the client get the violation removed so their ads can resume serving.)

In addition, we will keep you updated on AdWords Policy changes relevant to your marketing as we become aware of such AdWords Policy changes.

Note: Only Compliance topics or issues in your AdWords Account or on your website are discussed or covered with Guardian Angel Service by itself. There is no collaboration about sales or conversions in the AdWords Account or with the website.

Other one time fees:
- Account setup / restructuring and installing all the tracking codes. $500 in most cases
- Creation and implementation of a landing page. $500 for the first page