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Today you will be participating in a one-way video interview. You will be asked a series of questions and will be responding via your webcam.

The video interview does not have any set time limit and you can re-record as many times as you like before submitting the video.

Step 1:

Please read through all of the questions below before starting your video interview.

Interview Questions

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. What do you like to do for fun?
  3. How do you learn best?
    - Explain why:
  4. Why did you leave your last position or why do you want to leave your current position?
  5. Tell us about a big win or success you have had in a previous job.
  6. What do you like about SEO?
  7. What do you like about web design?
  8. If your last boss were asked what areas you need the most improvement on what do you think they would say?
  9. What is your dream job?
  10. Is there any additional information you would like to share?


After you record your video please press the "Save" button.

After saving your video please press the "Submit" button.

Step 2: