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Our PPC Process

We have a proven system to help your business grow. There is a no risk trial so we can prove ourselves to you.
  1. Find out your goals and profit numbers to see if we are a good fit
  2. Make sure your tracking is properly working
  3. Create a buying customer profile so we know what your customers really want
  4. Create a landing page that "SHOWS" why you are the best choice in 5 seconds or less
  5. Write ads and come up with keywords that match the landing page and buying customer profile
  6. Start your campaign after you approve everything
  7. Weekly ROI reports are sent to identify the profitability of the account
  8. Ongoing ROI monitoring of the ads, keywords, impressions share, to know when and where conversions happen

AdFicient in the Media

AdFicient has been featured on Forbes, Yahoo! Voices, CNN iReport, Examiner, Search Engine Journal, AllBusiness, Website Magazine, Fox Business and more. Here are a few of those publications.